Late spring in the garden

Updated 6/11/11 on another rainy day.  The Amaranth Cinco de Mayo (4th shot in gallery) is certainly the winner in the Amaranth trials so far, an incredible complexity of color.  Love Lies Bleeding just looks a little weird to date.  The last new shot (6th in the gallery) is of the rose ghetto; even on a rainy day it warms my heart.

June 9:  I woke up to a mass of thunderstorms and knew that I couldn’t do my early morning garden chores so I put together a quick gallery of some of my June photos.  OK, a couple of late May pictures snuck in, too.  The iris and columbines, to name them.  However, since I still have an iris blooming (not this one) and columbines, I figure it’s OK.

In the middle of the gallery is half of my food garden.  If you look closely, you can see the sprouts of cucumbers that will grow up the central, round trellis and the sprouts of summer squash in front of the tomatoes.  They will spill out into the path, which I hope to level soon.  The rhubarb and a small nursery for shade plants are in the back. 

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