My Roses this Spring

Gallery updated July 16, 2011 with three new shots from the rose ghetto.  I think the third shot, a hybrid tea, pink blend, is “Love and Peace” but I can’t find the purchase info! 

All of the roses have done their spring thing and some of them are over for the year or resting up for a late summer show.  Here is a gallery of my best shots.  As I looked through my photos, I realized that it’s heavy on the climbers and once bloomers, I’ll have to get more shots of the Hybrids in the rose ghetto.   These pictures do show why I love the once bloomers so much.  When they are in blossom they put on an impressive show.  The ones I’ve selected also smell heavenly, sorry I can’t share that with you.  The last shots are of Seven Sisters with Clematis Jackmanii.  They are still looking good.[oqeygallery id=14]