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Pinky and the Pine

Once upon a time there was a hydrangea called Pinky Winky. Every summer she grew in stature and grace. The woman who planted her near the deck admired how the flowers started white and then went through many subtle variations … Continue reading

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Impulse Purchase – Hydrangea “Glowing Embers”

A trip to Weston Nurseries for some rhododendrons for the rhodie walk through the woods — a multi-year project, and I found room for just one more thing; this beauty. I have it sitting in the pot near rose Graham … Continue reading

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Is What?

Does anyone know what this is?  Just a grasshopper; should I have buried it in the soapy water with the Japanese Beetles?  Or something better?

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Daylillies and a Friend – Updated Gallery

I promised that the next post would be pretty pictures, these come from a friend in Ohio. These were small pictures that she shared with me and the large gallery size makes some of them a bit fuzzy but still … Continue reading

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Since I mentioned it in a recent post, I thought it might be time to share my pictures and thoughts about the garden. It was one of the first gardens that I visited outside of Paris and I’ve returned over and … Continue reading

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My little soldier

It works, it really works!  This little guy single handedly defended my garden from the neighborhood deer.  Last year the woods side of my garden took a lot of damage.  This year, when they ate all of my Yogoslavian Red … Continue reading

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Moving the daylillies

I bought maybe one plant of a deep red daylilly at a public garden that I visited in New York State many years ago.  It was in the bed along the front walk before I planted the roses and I … Continue reading

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Amaryllis 34 days – Soon!

The stems are very long and the flowers are beginning to separate.    

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More winter garden

Some pictures of my winter landscape, taken on December 4.  Friends in the midwest are talking about 4-7 inches of snow but in Central MA, it’s just cold.

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