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A first generation American of European ancestry, I grew up in NW Ohio with a positive culture related to gardening for edibles. I am now retired but my interests in the non-edibles started in earnest about 30 years ago with a huge landscaping project. Now, the yard is the garden in USDA Zone 5 conditions that are both friendly and hostile in silty clay soil. It is a silent validation, an autobiography of sorts, a connection.

Backyard Science: Biologically Active Soil

Introduction Previous studies have shown the biological activity of soils can be determined in a quirky manner with cotton briefs. This backyard experiment in Oregon, Ohio, involved the potential breakdown of cotton fiber to make gross observations about … Continue reading

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Fall palette

Fall colors are dramatic splashes of paint.  They have a short life span but under the right circumstances of temperature and humidity can provide an unbeatable palette.  On this small tree, Sorbus alnifolia (Korean Mountain Ash), was a special annual … Continue reading

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