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Dahlia Hill and Toledo Botanical Garden

I’ve always wanted to grow Harvey Koop but his tubers are a little hard to find.  One year, I ordered two plants; not my favorite way to grow dahlias, I prefer growing from tubers, and one of them died.  The … Continue reading

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Daylillies and a Friend – Updated Gallery

I promised that the next post would be pretty pictures, these come from a friend in Ohio. These were small pictures that she shared with me and the large gallery size makes some of them a bit fuzzy but still … Continue reading

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Harvest begins

My summer food garden is moving quickly into full production.  I’m picking a handful of green beans every morning (which really adds up), the cherry tomatoes have been giving me sugar for weeks and I picked the first of my … Continue reading

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Michigan State University Rose Garden

This garden got top points for sheer impact with roses on my midwest trip.  It has the advantage of being small and well designed.  The rose beds are raised so that even the shorter roses are near eye level.  It … Continue reading

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Beginner’s luck or persistence?

I’ve read on some reputable blogs that beans shouldn’t be started inside because they don’t like their roots to be disturbed.  With respect, I have been doing it for years.  I have problems with critters, and should also probably credit … Continue reading

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Spring projects

I love the woods behind my house but keeping it from taking over the few sunny areas that I have is a constant struggle and I often feel like I’m losing.  The vines creep out first, including poison ivy, to … Continue reading

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San Francisco Bloomin Stuff

I was in San Francisco last week at a big Information Security Conference.  What I learned is that between the movement of applications to “the cloud” and the proliferation of different kinds of personal, mobile devices, we are losing what … Continue reading

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Doue la Fontaine, Les Chemins de la Rose

 This rose garden is in the Loire Valley so it makes a nice change of pace when you’re there to visit all the old, historic chateaux.  It’s a rose lover’s dream!

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How much snow?

Yes, I’ve ordered seeds and have the lights in place but it’s too early by weeks to plant, even indoors.  These days in central MA my life is defined by the weather to a great degree.  I would not mind the snow if … Continue reading

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Snow Day

This will be fun to watch in hot, steamy July. Remember when a snow day meant you could goof off?  Being able to work from anywhere means you are expected to work from anywhere.  Good thing I usually like my … Continue reading

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