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I love this pansy

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Difference in Dahlia Tubers

I don’t know that it means anything in terms of performance but I’m wondering again this year about the differences in how dahlia tubers are prepared for sale.  Swan Island Dahlias came to me the way that I expect, one … Continue reading

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Endicott Pear Tree Visit

It was incredible to me that a hundred or more people would all show up on a cold, rainy week night in  April to visit an old tree.  It wasn’t the location that bought them.  Although the hill, that slops … Continue reading

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LED Lights to feed the world

Update 10/13/11.  The Boston Globe link no longer works but here is an ABC link that works today.  Or use the search term as described below. I’m sharing a link to a Boston Globe version of an AP release … Continue reading

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Spring projects

I love the woods behind my house but keeping it from taking over the few sunny areas that I have is a constant struggle and I often feel like I’m losing.  The vines creep out first, including poison ivy, to … Continue reading

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When garden zones matter

On my deck, At 28 deg F, it’s 10 degrees cooler this morning than in Boston.  Some of the MA blogs that I follow have been planting onions and lettuces, I’m trying to decide whether it’s safe to try to harden them … Continue reading

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April Fools Day Snow 2011

First picture is my sad, pruned apple tree.  Then I move to shots of the roses.  First an unpruned “Teasing Georgia with the end of the main rose bed to the left.  Then, in front of the house, you can … Continue reading

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