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Why I love dahlias

This is Art Deco, from the Gallery series.  It’s a small plant that I grew in my deck boxes last year and again this year.  It’s very happy at my house, compared to other dahlias that I’ve tried, and just starting what … Continue reading

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He’s fat enough already

I’d seen this mother/child drama before I went to work on Friday but baby was just passively hanging on the support for the suet feeder.  While I was at work he’s learned how to get his own suet but mama … Continue reading

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Michigan State University Rose Garden

This garden got top points for sheer impact with roses on my midwest trip.  It has the advantage of being small and well designed.  The rose beds are raised so that even the shorter roses are near eye level.  It … Continue reading

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Updated with the correct spelling (thank you Glen from gardens), I find some more results, including pictures of the fruit and other information. I visited the Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, Near Grand Rapids last week with my granchildren.  Not … Continue reading

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Dahlia problems

I have problems with two of my transplanted dahlias.  One is wilting for no apparent reason and another has very curly leaves.  I’ve read a lot of web sites and they are so scary; easy to think that all of … Continue reading

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Late spring in the garden

Updated 6/11/11 on another rainy day.  The Amaranth Cinco de Mayo (4th shot in gallery) is certainly the winner in the Amaranth trials so far, an incredible complexity of color.  Love Lies Bleeding just looks a little weird to date.  … Continue reading

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Decorative Amaranths again

I just wanted to share a couple of photos of my decorative amaranths.  One question I have is whether I should be pinching out the middle to encourage side shoots. especially in Love Lies Bleeding.  No one on the gardens … Continue reading

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Beginner’s luck or persistence?

I’ve read on some reputable blogs that beans shouldn’t be started inside because they don’t like their roots to be disturbed.  With respect, I have been doing it for years.  I have problems with critters, and should also probably credit … Continue reading

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Dahlia bed

I did mention how I’m never really finished, right?  The dahlias are in their new bed.  It doesn’t work as well from a design standpoint as I would like; it needs to be bigger in order to echo the shape … Continue reading

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