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2011 Dahlia Gallery

Here are some of my nicest photos of this year’s dahlias and the dahlia bed.  Small, compact dahlias dominated this year, starting with Art Deco, (saved from 2010) which graces the deck boxes in back.  The different colors that you see in … Continue reading

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Also called:  Pride of Gibraltar and Cathedral Bells. I bought the seed from Renee’s Garden Seeds, who says “They make a show-stopping centerpice in the garden…” Somewhere else, I’d read that they are nondescript until the bracts show and then … Continue reading

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Counter half full

Although the water spray that’s triggered by a motion detector seems to have stopped the deer damage in the garden, the chipmunks have eaten more of my tomatoes than I have.  I was feeling a bit deprived as I looked … Continue reading

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Moving the daylillies

I bought maybe one plant of a deep red daylilly at a public garden that I visited in New York State many years ago.  It was in the bed along the front walk before I planted the roses and I … Continue reading

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Early dahlias

It’s still too early for my full season dahlia gallery.  The dinnerplate dahlias are tight buds, but starting to show color.  I’m enjoying the flowers too much though, not to share.  Croyden Masterpiece is not as large as it should be … Continue reading

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I may be crazy

About dahlias.  After so many failures, with only a few successes, I often think that I should just give up on dahlias.  Excuses abound.  Our climate just isn’t right, it’s too hard to pull and store the tubers.  But then, … Continue reading

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I am not crazy

Well, not much and not on this issue.  The first year I got this rose, it bloomed about this time of year for the first time.  I was really disappointed and called J & P to tell them they had … Continue reading

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