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In the ‘Hood

This has probably been hanging over my head as I walked for most of the summer.  One of the other walking ladies in the neighborhood told me where to look for it, high over the street.  What a work of … Continue reading

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More Route 117 Commute

Some things that catch my eye as I drive to and from work.  I would like to know more about this statue; I’ve named him Adonis Rising but may be offending some artist.  He doesn’t look completely comfortable with his … Continue reading

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Overlook Farm, MA

Sister, neice and I visited Overlook Farm on Saturday, an educational endeavor in eastern-central Massachusetts, owned and run by Heifer International.  Visitors are welcome to look around the grounds and the demonstration gardens include small sites representing how people live around … Continue reading

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Hamilton Dahlia Farm (MI)

To someone starved to see dahlias growing as I was this summer, Hamilton Dahlia Farm in Hamilton, MI, is a Las Vegas sized, all you can eat buffet.  Lots of variety, for every taste, and it goes on for acres. The difficult part of … Continue reading

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