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Dahlia “Pooh”

The colors of this collarette dahlia remind me of when I was a child and dad bought home color chips to pick out colors for his potentially two-toned Cadilac.  We were actually dirt poor at the time as we lived … Continue reading

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Daylillies and a Friend – Updated Gallery

I promised that the next post would be pretty pictures, these come from a friend in Ohio. These were small pictures that she shared with me and the large gallery size makes some of them a bit fuzzy but still … Continue reading

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Seven Sisters Pruning Question

I promise the next post will be pretty pictures but I’d like suggestions. I am not sure how to prune Seven Sisters.  I will be deadheading this, which was magnificent, and I’ll have to do some serious thinning, too.  This … Continue reading

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More Critter Wars

  So I guess this kind of mesh doesn’t  prevent chipmunks from eating tomatoes as they ripen.  From a wine purchase, it was the easiest to apply.  Just slip it on; no tying.  I thought they might take advantage of the … Continue reading

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Critter wars

  I mentioned my problems with chipmunks and watching them eat almost all of last year’s tomato crop.  They seem to have an uncanny ability to know when a tomato is going to turn color and demolish it the same … Continue reading

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Tomatoes, 2012

  It’s the time of year when most garden chores change from starting things to maintaining them.  Mundane tasks like mowing and weeding have taken the place of dramatic decisions about what and when to plant. And some harvesting. I’ve … Continue reading

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