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Daylilly Problem: Spring Sickness?

A friend pointed me to descriptions of a daylily problem called Spring Sickness.  And since the first symptoms I saw were a stunting or twisting of the fan, I think it fits. The following web site offers the latest information … Continue reading

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Hydrangea Problem: Leaftier Caterpillar

Update:  A garden friend mentioned the Leaftier moth/caterpillar and it looks right.  I opened about 15 of these on three plants and I did find a few caterpillars.  All goners now.  What I wasn’t sure is whether the plants set … Continue reading

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Spring is Separation

  This is the small beginning of my rhododendron walk!  I’ve been wanting to fill in between the trees on the woods side with these great flowering and winter-green plants for so long and this is my (mostly symbolic) beginning.  … Continue reading

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