Dahlias September 2014

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAYvonne, I have grown her other years and still a favorite.  Smaller blossoms but so pretty and there are a lot of them.  The dark stems are distinctive.  A relatively tall plant.

Verrone's Obsidian
Verrone’s Obsidian was Swan’s gift this year for my dahlia order.  Interesting, but probably will not grow next year.
Kidds Climax
Kidds Climax, big and beefy pink and yellow blend.  I’ve grown it for several years, too.  I do have other pinks and purples, which I guess is hard to tell from this post.  I bought a number of new warm colors to fill out that end of the bed.
Gloriosa, size B; lots of blossoms and beautiful complexity of color and shape. Keeper.
Cherubino; When this first started opening, I wondered why I ordered a white, single dahlia.  Then the lacy center started to develop and I remembered why.  It’s still a marginal keeper because it’s flopping.  Most of my small dahlias don’t need staking but this one probably does.
Candlelight; advertised by Swan’s as a good cutting flower but the stems are not very strong in my garden.  Still, a keeper.  Plenty of blossoms and I love the blend.
April Heather
April Heather is a lovely flower but unexpectedly, the plant is going on seven feet tall!  Typical collarette flowers aren’t huge but the complex colors are dramatic and as you can see, the blossoms are prolific.  I need to figure out how to use these big plants      with small flowers.  (Pooh is another one that I grow.) I put this one at the front of the bed and that was a mistake!