August Dahlias 2015

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  • Patches (two shots) is still an early favorite for it’s clown like irregular coloring.  Each blossom is different and the blossoms fade from white/purple to pink/purple.
  • The delicate blush water lily is Yvonne.
  • Lemon Kiss is next, the plant is a bit tall for the front of the bed unless you put it in front of a really tall dahlia like Bonaventure; it would be a nice combo but I didn’t grow Bonaventure this year.
  • Then a shot of Pooh at the top left; a very tall plant for such a small flower but he’s so cheerful.  I can’t resist growing at least one plant of him. To his lower right is Gloriosa, shyly turning her head.
  • Then Esther.  Perfect for the front of the bed or in a pot but I don’t know if it’s possible to buy those tubers any more.

No pictures yet this year of Croyden’s Masterpiece or collaret Cherubino who have also blossomed.  The firsts were not great because of the summer heat.  Dahlia season’s just begun.