Toledo Botanical Garden


Kidds Climax
Kidds Climax

On a recent mid-west trip, I met my Ohio friend at the Toledo Botanical Garden.  Aside from their small dahlia garden, which I may cover in another post, the gallery below contains some of my favorite plants and pictures from the visit.  The mixed bed with coppery, warm colors was adjacent to the parking lot.  I’ve always had a hard time seeing how to use the very dark-leaved plants, everywhere I put them they just disappear, but not here!  I recognized grasses, cannas and most of the flowering plants but I had to ask the garden for help with the tall, large-leafed copper variegated plant.  It’s one of a number of varieties with the common name of Copperleaf Plant from the genus Acalypha.  It’s a tropical plant that’s grown as an annual in the Midwest, or taken indoors. The first seven shots are all of the same bed.

The next shots are of a green and white variegated plant with large leaves that I admired in another part of the garden and it’s the same family.  Still common name of Copperleaf  Plant.  I love the way that it picked up the light from the deeply angled sun.

The gallery ends in pictures of a gazebo planted in white and covered with autumn clematis.

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