Spring is a Promise

The first spear of asparagus

The first spear of asparagus

So the snow has been melted for a few weeks now.  Friday was warm to the point where I worked up a sweat in a very short time.  Part of the day was a gift from a cursed source; my Waltham office was closed because of the hunt for the Boston Marathon bombing fugitive and I got commute time and a little more to work in the garden.  Hands in the dirt; my way of dealing with many of life’s dark places.  Renewal is the blessed work of the gardener.

Windows open! Which gave sick kitty Cay Cay Canolli a new interest in life, which made us all happy.  Then rain and a cold front and today I cleaned and burned in bright, cold sunshine.


Rhubarb in April

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2 Responses to Spring is a Promise

  1. Marg Millard says:

    My rhubarb is coming a bit faster than yours, I think, Esther. It is back to being sunny here in Nova Scotia but the wind, off the water, is biting cold! Brrrr. Garlic is coming, snow drops and most croci are spent and daffodils are about to open in a couple days.

    • eadmin says:

      Daffodils hung on for a long time here because of the cold nights but the ones in sun were fading this weekend. Picked three spears of asparagus this weekend!