Summer Veggie Problems

cucumbers on supports
cucumbers on supports

Ironically, when I was searching for information about a problem with wilting dahlias, I came across a couple of pictures that looked just right.  When I clicked on them in the search engine, it was from an earlier blog of mine.  And I never got an answer and never came back to it.  Real helpful Gaias Gift lady, she says sarcastically.  What MAY have happened, is what’s happening this year, the plants are recovering.  I don’t know if they will produce any blossoms but they are not wilted in the cool of morning and evening and less wilted in the daytime.

On to this year’s veggie problem.  I was so excited at the healthy growth of my cucumbers; Sweet Success again.  I started them indoors in soil cubes and they transitioned wonderfully in our warm spring.  Then I saw lots of little cukes forming with flowers at the end and I was salivating.  No signs of vine borer anywhere this year yet.  (Now I’ve done it.)

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAAlas, almost all of those little cucumbers have done nothing except sit there and petrify. This COULD be a pollination problem except that Sweet Success aren’t supposed to need pollination.  And they are all female so I wouldn’t know how to do that anyway??  So did I get the seeds I ordered?  I sent off a question to the seed company and got an immediate request for more information; pictures and such.

The one and only cucumber that’s grown to full size hasn’t filled out at the blossom end the way it should but I wanted to keep the plants producing.  It does show promise in its length.

I purchased Super Sweet 100 tomatoes from the same source and have been grumping because they are getting so much SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAbigger than any of that variety and much later.  See the leftmost two tomatoes in the picture; picked green.  Next to the two Sun Golds on the right, picked ripe.  I’ve been picking Sun Gold for weeks; so the seed company got that question, too.

Whatever the red ones are, the chipmunks prefer them <weak grin>.

One thought on “Summer Veggie Problems”

  1. Burpee’s Customer Service did not give me much information to help, although we went back and forth a bit about conditions. One thought is that the fertilizer I used might have too much nitrogen. I read, separately, that too-acidic soil can prevent uptake of other nutrients and I battle that condition in my garden. But then the Service person asked about pollinators, leaving me not knowing if she understood my original concern, that their seed had issues. Sweet Success is not supposed to need pollinating. (Or if I’m wrong on that I need to know!)
    I did reply and ask again but they sent me more seed and another variety to try and seem to think that’s enough.
    Other seeds from them, the too big SuperSweet 100s that I talk about above, do not taste like the cherry tomatoes I have grown for years by that name. They are mealy and not sweet.
    Patty’s Striped Beefsteak are small tomatoes: I can’t comment on taste since I can’t pick them ripe — chipmunk problem.
    Thank goodness for the Sun Gold, Black Krim and Brandywines from other sources; all doing as expected: delicious! I can say that Black Krim keep their flavor really well when they have to be picked early, as the color turns.

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