Undeserved Dahlia

Kelvin Floodlight in a Pot

Kelvin Floodlight in a Pot

This is Kelvin Floodlight; normally a huge plant.  I pulled it with several non-performing tubers after they had been in the ground for a few weeks, when most of the dahlias had good sized plants.  I noticed a tiny sprout that had done nothing on this tuber and stuck it in a ten inch pot, intending to find a place for it later if it grew.  It did grow and I never did find a place for it.  Now it’s blossomed; still in the small pot, much more than I deserve.

Also a bonus shot.  One of my Croydon’s Masterpiece plants is blossoming too yellow.  It’s still a pretty color but not what I get normally.  Evidently, all the better to give some intense sunset effects, streaks of purple.

Off Color Croydon's Masterpiece

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