Videopress test

Update 1/29/11:  I have moved my Videopress testing to a free page on (see below) because it looks like this might never work. And I don’t want to add too much clutter, here.  At this time, the Videopress support folks are saying that Nero must do something that’s incompatible with their software.  I have asked them once if they would work with Nero; have asked them again.  I’ll start the support process with Nero and cross my fingers that the two companies might decide to work together.

1/25/11:  <Video Deleted from this page, you can see it on the link, above.> This is a test using Videopress.  I like the high definition, and being able to select the opening screen but it should be widescreen.  Working with support.  I promise to get back to gardening, soon.