I may be crazy

About dahlias.  After so many failures, with only a few successes, I often think that I should just give up on dahlias.  Excuses abound.  Our climate just isn’t right, it’s too hard to pull and store the tubers.  But then, every day I drive by the Weston Racquet Club with a really exceptional display of dahlias.  I stopped in to ask permission to photograph last year and I was told that one of the landscapers just likes dahlias.  I’ll say.  And, to put this in context, I look and look for public gardens with displays of dahlias this time of year and they are almost impossible to find in New England.

I just don’t know how any gardener worth her stuff can look at these flamboyent displays of color and light energy and not lust to grow them.[oqeygallery id=17]