2011 Dahlia Gallery

[oqeygallery id=18]Here are some of my nicest photos of this year’s dahlias and the dahlia bed. 

Small, compact dahlias dominated this year, starting with Art Deco, (saved from 2010) which graces the deck boxes in back.  The different colors that you see in the pictures are real; there’s even more variation of golds and rusts along with purplish pink tones than my camera can catch.  Dahlia Esther was also a surprise.  The online catalogue showed a rather flat orange and this is much nicer.  It started early; it’s had the most blossoms of any variety and it’s still going strong.  You will see it dominating the dahlia bed in most of the bed pictures.  Ellen Houston is a small, solid, deep red dahlia, (deeper red than the camera can handle) with dark stems and shiney dark leaves.  It should have been in front of the bed and next year it will go there.  It may need some staking, or just more sun. 

Two small ball dahlias come next in the sequence.  Kasasagi echos the colors of Esther but with a different shape.  Little Scotty completes the color transition to a pure yellow.  I love their perfectly shaped, minature petals but both of these have minimal impact from a distance. Littly Scotty is a tall plant that needs staking.  I think he will go on the back row between some larger-blossomed dahlias next year.

The smaller varieties are also earlier than the large ones, which just started showing off.  I’ll be adding to this part of the collection next year for sure.  This part of the gallery starts with Croyden Masterpiece.  These are not as large as some that I grew a few years ago; those got me hooked and then, tragically, died.  These start much pinker than I remember.  Then they go lovely shades of peachy orange.  Huge, yellow Bilbao was saved from one that I grew last year and planted directly into the ground as a trial.  Worked pretty well!  I like Ryn Fou best when it develops that deep purple stripe.

2 thoughts on “2011 Dahlia Gallery”

  1. Beautiful photos! When do your dahlias bloom? My limited experience with them was that they bloomed in late May/early June, then melted away in the heat of July and August. But I’ll probably plant more next spring.

    1. Art Deco started in late June and was the first. The large blossoming ones, only a couple of weeks ago. Dahlias don’t like too much heat. I wonder if you could start them late, for your second garden of the season. Or if the time that the plants take to get established has to be cooler, too. Dahlia society in your area?

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