Moving the daylillies


I bought maybe one plant of a deep red daylilly at a public garden that I visited in New York State many years ago.  It was in the bed along the front walk before I planted the roses and I may have split it once long ago.  Due to the horizontal supports for the climbers, it ended up under the roses.  After this year’s flowers were spent, I decided to move it.  It had become quite a clump and I was able to divide it into seven fans without even trying.  I decided to pull the non-performing amaranths and from the before and after pictures, you may agree that pulling them wasn’t a sacrifice.  I was able to preserve the single perfoming specimens of amaranth “Cinco de Mayo” and “Early Splendor” (from left to right).  My plan for this long border is for the display to move forward through the seasons, from the once blooming roses to daylillies and then to the dahlia bed in front.  Maybe the amaranths to fill; we’ll see.