Dahlia bed

I did mention how I’m never really finished, right?  The dahlias are in their new bed.  It doesn’t work as well from a design standpoint as I would like; it needs to be bigger in order to echo the shape of the bed behind it.  And built up higher, which would be better for the dahlias as it would drain faster than the surrounding heavy soil, too.  Ultimately, I want it to look like it’s all the same bed.  But I need some way to get into it and work it, so I decided a narrow strip that I mow was most efficient. 

But it was near 90 degrees and felt much hotter in the full sun that dahlias love on the day that I finished it, I am not a dahlia and can’t handle that kind of heat.  I just wanted to get them in the ground and find some shade.  The good news is that dahlias are treated like annuals and I get another chance next year to make improvements. 

Now the choice is whether to mulch or not.  The bed behind will be mulched, I’m just letting the amaranths acclimate.  Most of them also got planted this weekend.

This whole area is designed to bloom from back to front.  The peonies are blossoming today and the rose buds are getting fat.[oqeygallery id=10]