Daylillies and a Friend – Updated Gallery

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I promised that the next post would be pretty pictures, these come from a friend in Ohio. These were small pictures that she shared with me and the large gallery size makes some of them a bit fuzzy but still beautiful; we’ve been talking about working with bigger one for this blog for a week or two but I wanted to get this posted while it’s still daylilly season.  I will swap out any larger ones when she sends them.

She says she’s not an expert in daylillies but she does have over thirty varieties in her garden.  From a Daylilly Expo that she attended, she tells me:

There are 71,474 registered daylilies with about a thousand new ones being registered every year.

These are the basic daylily forms:

  1. Round
  2. Double
  3. Polymerous (many more petals than typical)  I think he said there have been up to 12 petals.
  4. Unusual form.  If each petal is four or more times longer than wide, it is called a “spider.”
  5. Patterns
  6. Miniature
  7.  Sculpted
  •   pleated
  •   relief
  •   cristate – growth from or over one or more petals